The Ultimate Moving “To-Do List” Kit

How do you keep up with it all and stay on top of things without going crazy? 2 Utilities and Services Check List This gives you a check list of the utilities that you have to close for your old home and reopen for your new home.

Moving check list

There are so many things to juggle during a move. How do you keep up with it all and stay on top of things without going crazy?

While it may seem over the top, it is a good idea to print some check list and keep them in a file so that you have everything that you need in once place. This will make the days leading up to your move a lot more tolerable.

The question you need to ask yourself is what checklists are best to keep during a move?

In this article we are going to share a few of our beautifully streamlined and easy to use lists to assist you in the moving process.

moving check list

What Extra Precautions Should I Take When Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

When relocating amidst the pandemic, there are a few extra precautions you should take to prioritize your safety and the safety of others. Firstly, thoroughly sanitize all belongings and frequently touched surfaces before and after the move. Additionally, practice social distancing measures with movers or helpers and consider wearing a mask. Finally, stay informed about any travel restrictions or guidelines that may affect your move.

What Should I Include in My Moving “To-Do List” Kit to Ensure a Smooth Move?

When preparing for a move, it’s important to have a well-organized “To-Do List” kit. At the top of the list, make sure to include the necessary packaging materials and boxes for moving. These items are essential for protecting your belongings during transit and ensuring a smooth relocation process. Ample supply of sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels will ensure that your items are properly packed and easily identifiable when it comes time to unpack.

Moving “To-Do List” Lists from BW Movers

# 1 Budget & Expense Tracker List

There are always a few additional expenses that you may need to work into your budget when moving home.

  1. Moving company fee. Your moving company invoice normally includes charges for both fuel and labour. Ask around for a few quotes and add the highest quote amount to your budget just to be safe.
  2. Additional insurance.
  3. Services that you may need once you have moved in such as a locksmith for cutting new keys, paint or maybe even a bit of extra décor if your home is bigger than the last one.
  4. Professional packing services near me if you chose to not pack yourself.

Use out budget and expenses check list to help you to keep track of your budget during the moving process.

# 2 Utilities and Services Check List

This gives you a moving check list of the utilities that you have to close for your old home and reopen for your new home. This is an awesome list to use to jot down the details of your current service providers in order to cancel and reconnect all your essential services and utilities.

relocation check list

# 3 Box Inventory List

It is important to keep a moving box check list inventory spreadsheet to keep track of your boxes and their contents. This is a wonderful way in which to save you time when you have to start unpacking the boxes at your new home. Our box Inventory list can help you to keep track of what your packed and which box you packed it into!

# 4 Master Contact List

This list will include all the important phone numbers that you are going to need during your move or relocation of office and Home. These can include your real estate agents contact details, your Bw mover moving companies’ near me details, maintenance company details and even your new and old neighbors’ details. The perfect list to keep track of all your essential contacts.

# 5 Important Dates List

At BW Movers we understand how time can run away from you. Use our handy important dates calendar to mark down important dates and things that need to be done prior to your move.

# 5 Measurements Check List

This check list can be used to measure and write down the length and width of spaces in your new home so as to ensure that your furniture is going to fit properly into the house. It will also help you to determine if extra-large items are going to fit through the doors of your new home, and what room these items need to be moved too.

# 6 Items to Sell Check List

This moving check list is pretty self-explanatory but essential! Make a list of what items you would like to sell before your move. List the items together with their price, where you sold them and who bought them. Try to keep the money away in a different bank account so that you can use it towards your move.

check box

7 # To Do List

Finally, use the BW Movers “To Do List” to summarise exactly what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done by your moving company.

Click Here to download your very own moving list kit! Our kit also has an invaluable week by week timeline.


At BW Movers we understand what stresses moving can put on the entire family and endeavor to make your moving experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Our moving lists are the perfect way in which to stick to your moving timeline.

BW Movers Are the Moving Expertise You Can Rely On. Let us help you to streamline your move and lighten your load in every possible way!


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