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Packaging for Your Move

Let face it, moving is a tedious task and definitely one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. This is why packaging should be the least of your worries. With the right packaging boxes, bags, and products, you will be able to pack your belongings safely and securely.

With that being said, how do you know what bags or boxes to use for your packaging needs and what products are best for certain household items.  Packaging products can range from paper and plastic packaging to printed containers and boxes.

There are so many packaging products to choose from and often it can become quite a headache if you don’t know what type of packaging is available for you to use during your move.

In this article we are going to share a few tips on how to shop for the packaging materials and products that you are going to need to move each of your specific home items and help you have more of an idea of what to add to your cart when shopping for packaging materials.

What Is Packaging?

Besides for hiring a moving company, packing is one of the next most important products that you are going to need to complete the moving process successfully.

Essentially packaging can be defined as the wrapping up or bottling up of products to keep them safe from damage during transportation and storage.

Important Types of Packaging

# 1 Paperboard Boxes

These are made of paper-based materials that are lightweight yet incredibly strong. It can be cut to create custom shapes and structures and are ideal for personalized packaging. This product comes in many different grades that are all suitable in their own way for your individual packaging requirements.

# 2 Corrugated Boxes

Otherwise known as cardboard boxes, these are most suitable for shipping, storage and moving. These boxes are also available in various types dependent on the strength of the box.

The main material that is used to make this box is recycled paper that is made from machinery known as corrugators. You can purchase single faced, double faced, twin wall and triple wall boxes that can cater for all of your packaging needs. These boxes are also available in various shapes and sizes.

# 3 Plastic boxes

Plastic box packaging is highly durable and can be made to be airtight so as to help preserve food and protect it against contamination. This type of packaging also does not break easily and can even be stored under extreme conditions.

Plastic box packaging is lightweight and enables you to see what is inside of each box without having to open it.

# 4 Rigid boxes

This box is made from highly condensed paperboard that is much thicker than the paperboard used in a standard folding box. These are the most expensive box styles as they are non-collapsible and can handle a much higher volume during a move.

# 5 Chipboard packaging

This type pf packaging is mainly use in the medical, food, beverage, and cosmetic industry. This packaging material is made from reclaimed paper stock and has the ability to be easily cut and folded. It is an extremely cost-effective packaging solution and is available in various strengths.

Unfortunately, this packaging is no ideal for the packaging of heavy items as it is made from a lightweight material and cannot protect your items from a storage facility that is not temperature regulated.

# 6 Poly bags

This can also be referred to as a plastic bags that are made from thin, plastic-like fabrics. These bags can carry a wide variety of items such as food items, flowers, magazines, and clothing.

These bags are durable and light weight and can be reused. Polybags also come with security features such as hanging holes, tape attachments and carrying handles to make sure that your items are secure when being carried from the start to the end of their journey.

# 7 Foil sealed bags

These bags are mainly used to keep products fresh and increase their shelf life. It can also be used to package beddings and clothing items keeping them tight and secure during your move and not damaging them.

# 8 Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material that is used to package items that are fragile. It is made from regularly spaced air-filled bubbles that provide cushioning for items such as décor, cutlery and crockery and other fragile items that you may be transporting.

Bubble wrap has a number of advantages:

  • It is reusable
  • It is lightweight
  • It does not cost a lot
  • It is extremely versatile

Where Can I Buy Packaging in South Africa?

Packaging materials are available from a wide variety of building retail stores. You can even find packaging on Facebook by using the marketplace of simply ask your moving company for assistance. We recommend our goto Packaging company WelpacTelephone: (016) 362 2135/6/7

BW movers are committed to give you the best moving experience at affordable prices.  Our handpicked team of packers and movers are trained to make the moving process smoother, faster and stress free.

We will assist you with your packaging needs as well as help you to pack, carry, transport, and offload your belongings. BW Movers will also come and expect your home and furnish you with a no-obligation quote.

We Are the Moving Expertise You Can Rely On.

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