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Oh Joburg, darling Jozi, the magnificent Egoli. What can be said about Joburg that’s not been said a thousand times? It is Johannesburg, Joburg. It’s home, it’s work, it’s familiar, strange, history and future. Joburg is the city we all pass through, the big one, the Megacity of South Africa. It is the place where things begin, things happen, and things change.

Joburg is a force to be reckoned with. A place with a mind of its own. Home to millions, the workplace of many more. It is doing things its own way while keeping up with the rest of the world, showing people how it’s done. The characters in Joburg are big, the personalities vibrant, like the amazing buildings, the art displays, and the businesses.

It’s a place of beauty, hard work, peace, and excitement. Since its first settlement, there hasn’t been a dull moment. Joburg is one of a kind, proudly South African, and completely itself. The boldness of the city, the daring of it all is intoxicating.

The people don’t let anyone or anything get them down. They drive forward, one magnificent achievement after the other, on and on, making the most beautiful music in the world together.

This city is modern, historical, idiosyncratic like its people, full of excitement and drive, held together by tradition and past. There is so much to say about Joburg, so much to praise, to hold dear, to celebrate, the city is essential. And we cannot wait to listen to you, to make music with you. We cannot wait to fall into traffic with you, drive past the skyscrapers, laugh with the street vendors, eat the delicious food, attend the art shows, and sample the uniqueness of this city.

BW movers cannot wait to stand among you, to serve you, to form part of your lives. All five million and counting. Bw movers Johannesburg are standing by to give you all the solutions you need when it comes to moving a house, opening an office, loading or unloading, or simply packaging. We are here, and we are excited to jump in and become surrounded by this absolutely breathtaking place.

BW Movers Johannesburg don’t just move stuff, we move people, move lives. Let us help you, and whether you are moving around in Joburg or coming in, or leaving. We are here to make sure you get the standard you deserve.


Sandton is a wealthy town in the Gauteng Province. It was given its name by combining two of its suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston. In 1969 it became an independent municipal area but lost that status when South Africa’s local governments were reorganized after apartheid ended.

The Central Business District in Johannesburg was once a hub of activity and commerce, but the city’s urban decay led to many corporate offices moving from this district to Sandton. It has since become South Africa’s premier business center for finance with three out of their four largest banks keeping their headquarters there as well as Transnet, one of its transport agencies. Nedbank is the only bank that moved its head office outside the CBD.


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