Delivery Service

Stress-free delivery service in the greater Gauteng area.
Book your next local delivery today with BW movers – making deliveries stress-free and taking all that heavy lifting off your shoulders!

courier service

it’s officially time to stop waiting hours for couriers that you don’t even know is coming. Use BW Movers and they’ll be at your door in no time. They do anything from national deliveries to just running across town, but if you need something rushed or want production ensured, give them a call and they’ll take care of it! No more hassles thanks to BW Movers… it matters when you move with BW
Local Delivery:
Your shoes from online shopping are beautiful on the computer screen? The true test is always seeing how those bad boys look on toes! Visit our warehouse to pick up your order in person – we specialize in local deliveries
Express Shipping: Looking for something fast? Get set

“If you need an item delivered, look no further than BW Movers. Our modern-day express courier service can get anything to nearly anywhere in the Gauteng area in less time and at nearly half the cost of a typical delivery company.”

BW Movers courier service provides speedy and professional delivery services. We offer pickup, wrapping/dispatching hand-over options, door-to-door service, and more. Call us today for a free quote on your next delivery!

Stress-free delivery service in the greater Gauteng area.
Book your next local delivery today with BW movers – making deliveries stress-free and taking all that heavy lifting off your shoulders!

courier services

BW movers are your one stop shop for anything moving-es. If you want to get up and go, they’ll help you in any way that they can. Whether it’s a local delivery or an express shipment to Johannesburg, you’re sure to have the assistance of top tier professionals with BW movers. They’ve got all sorts of services available including tracking your package along every step of its journey – even better? they don’t do international deliveries so you can relax! Book in advance with BW movers today as same day time slots fill up fast!

Need a car, truck or van for just one time? Local move? We got you covered!
Drop off your freight with us and leave the rest to our professional movers. Just give us an address – we’ll take care of everything else. With tracking service, express deliveries and same day time slots available as well, BW Movers knows how to get anything from A to B.

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B&W movers is the ultimate moving service. We take care of every detail and have a proactive, positive attitude that will seem like sunshine on your stressful move.
We’ll pack all your stuff up for you to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit, care about the smallest details so you don’t have to, arrange everything until our trucks are full and your new home is ready for new memories. Reach out and we can set up an appointment today!


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