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Natasha Patterson
Natasha Patterson
Moving is incredibly stressful and hardwork. I am so grateful I chose you guys, Garth was incredibly friendly, helpful and reassuring. The personal touches such as making sure we had arrived safely, doing a second load especially during Christmas and constantly keeping us up to date- the service we recieved is so appreciated. All our items were recieved in good order and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you!!
Maria Cannon
Maria Cannon
Cori Thompson
Cori Thompson
Eugene Corr
Eugene Corr
I have used B&W Movers twice, and every time I recommend them to my clients. Every report about their excellent service is just what you’d want from a moving company!
Rebecca Sowers
Rebecca Sowers
The process was professional and quick from the very start. The actual move went off without a hitch!
Clarine Shaw
Clarine Shaw
We’re happy to say that the moving experience with B&W Movers was a pleasant one! They were punctual, polite and efficient. Our stuff arrived intact – not even an issue along the way.
Lillianna Kaytie
Lillianna Kaytie
I am so thankful I found B&W Movers! They are affordable and professional.
Walter Stein
Walter Stein
Excellent and professional service from B&W Movers! Their packing was great, team members were friendly and helpful.
Junior Thompson
Junior Thompson
bon zilwa
bon zilwa

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Using BW Moving was an absolute pleasure which i will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues. Staff were friendly and very efficient and admin was kept to a minimum. Communication was clear and regular which made the entire experience a great one with a very good price. 5 STARS


Most frequent questions and answers

Moving or moving home is the act of packing, transporting, and unloading your belongings between an old home and a new one.

Too often, people assume it’s a simple procedure. However, there are not just personal effects and small belongings to transport. Rather, everything from furniture to some fixtures can be packed up and transported.

If you’d like help moving, our team has over 75 years combined experience in the moving industry. We move the small stuff, the big stuff, and the stuff in between.

The cost of moving depends on two important factors:

  1. How much stuff there is to move
  2. Where you are moving from and to

With every moving job being different, providing a reliable cost is difficult. However, we are always available to discuss your move and provide a quote. The quote will reflect whether it’s office relocation or a house move, whether you wish for us to pack, and how much stuff needs loading and unloading.

When packing to move house, start early. There’s always more stuff than you realize. Begin at the top of the house and work your way downwards – clearing out rooms and storing the stuff elsewhere or in a room allocated downstairs.

As a general rule, pack heavy items in smaller boxes. It’ll be easier to move them. Move from room to room, packing each, before moving on to the next. And label every box with the details of the contents, the room it was packed from, and which room it should be unpacked in.

Before you move home, several tasks first need completing:

  1. Confirm the date of your move.
  2. Contact your landlord and give notice (if applicable)
  3. Contact utility suppliers, banks, and other organizations which need to know your new address
  4. Book a moving company for the day
  5. Clear out anything you don’t want to move
  6. Pack up the entire house
  7. Assist the moving company and unpack
  8. Relax

On the day you move, you will have hopefully informed all interested parties about your new address. Everything should be packed and ready for the movers the following day.

There are just a few last things which need completing:

  1. Plan your journey. Getting lost is not ideal on your big moving day. Make sure you know how to get from A to B – and anticipate traffic.
  2. Clean your home. Now is the perfect time to give your old home a thorough cleaning – or at the very least, clean the rooms now empty.
  3. Pack an overnight bag. The last thing you want is to arrive in your new home, only to realize your toothbrush and clothes are somewhere in the mound of boxes. Have the stuff on hand with an overnight bag.