Moving companies near me

moving companies near me

Moving companies are a necessity for any relocation or office furniture removals.

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Some of the most common services include packing, loading, and unloading your items from trucks or vans to storage facilities. Packing materials such as boxes can be expensive so it is advisable that you pack up belongings yourself before hiring movers if practical but many small businesses also offer this service at an affordable price in addition to other moving-related tasks like furniture disassembly/re-assembling, delivery, pick up etc. We’re here today with Johannesburg Movers who will tell us more about their company’s pricing structure and what they do!

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These furniture movers and furniture removal services cover the western cape and all major cities from corporate relocation to local moving.

There are many moving companies near me that provide a variety of services, but which one is the best? In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 moving companies in Johannesburg that offer quality and affordable services.

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5.Girls On The Move

Girls On The Move is a majority Ladies Furniture Removals Company with 18 Years experience in Domestic and Office Removals. Their team of professionals will provide you the most stress-free moving experience, as we do all your packing before they arrive on-site to take care of any possible issues that might arise during transportation or at our storage facility where it can be securely stored if needed for an extended period.

4.Master Movers Johannesburg

Master Movers for Hire is ready to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust these experts with everything from the packing process all the way through to office or business relocation.

We’ll work hard so that at the end of it all, you’re left feeling relieved knowing we’ve completed a professional job and getting what’s rightfully yours in line!

3.Careful Movers SA

Careful Movers is an industry-leading transport and logistics company that offers affordable and reliable moving solutions. We focus on a wide range of furniture removal and storage services for both residential and commercial relocations. Careful Movers will always live up to our name and our company’s first priority will always be delivering the best and most caring service possible to all of our valued clients.

2.Two Men and a Truck

We are a moving company that specializes in home, office and mini moves in Cape Town & Johannesburg. We’ve been operating since 2013 with one vehicle which has now grown to nine vehicles after word of mouth spread about our excellent service! Our growth has largely been due to the great feedback we have received from clients who were impressed by not only how quickly their move was completed but also at how affordable it is – you can be moved without breaking the bank (and still get your furniture wrapped for free).

1.B&W Movers

And our top furniture removal company is:

One of South Africa’s top cost-effective removal services doing both long-distance and local moves from small loads to grand pianos, this moving service takes the utmost care with your office moves. Get your free removal quote from the greatest South African moving services.

B&W Movers is a professional moving company that can handle all your moving needs, including long-distance moves. We offer the following services: House Moving, Office Relocations, Loading, and Unloading Services. Leave it to us to take care of anything from loading and unloading for you behind those dozy eyes at the crack of dawn to house movers who expertly pack up everything from the rug on which you sit reading this letter and tuck it securely in their truck – our service providers are available 7 days a week for any task or short notice booking. Our friendly service speaks volumes about us.

Our Top5 removal companies contact details:

Girls On The Move

No 5, 5th street, Wynberg, Johannesburg,2090            Contact Number: 011 440 0993.

Master Movers Johannesburg

1 Scraper Road, Selby Ext 10 Gauteng, South Africa     Contact Number:+27 011 493 7569

Careful Movers SA

10 Oscar Street, Hughes, Boksburg                                 Contact Number: 011 568 7540

Two Men and a Truck

Johannesburg – 34 Neeron Rd, Blairgowrie, 2194

Contact Number: 011 568 2027

B&W Movers

Furniture removal companies like B&W Movers have specialist services like furniture dismantling, wrapping and box packaging available on request.

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