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Oh Joburg, darling Jozi, the magnificent Egoli. What can be said about Joburg that’s not been said a thousand times? It is Johannesburg, Joburg. It’s home, it’s work, it’s familiar, strange, history and future. Joburg is the city we all pass through, the big one, the Megacity of South Africa. It is the place where things begin, things happen, and things change.

Joburg is a force to be reckoned with. A place with a mind of its own. Home to millions, the workplace of many more. It is does things its own way, while keeping up with the rest of the world, showing people how it’s done. The characters in Joburg are big, the personalities vibrant, like the amazing buildings, the art displays and the businesses.

It’s a place of beauty, of hard work, peace and excitement. Since its first settlement there hasn’t been a dull moment. Joburg is one of a kind, proudly South African, and completely itself. The boldness of the city, the daring of it all is intoxicating.

The people don’t let anyone or anything get them down. They drive forward, one magnificent achievement after the other, on and on, making the most beautiful music in the world together.

This city is modern, historical, idiosyncratic, like it’s people, full of excitement and drive, held together by tradition and past. There is so much to say about Joburg, so much to praise, to hold dear, to celebrate, the city is essential. And we cannot wait to listen with you, to make music with you. We cannot wait to fall into traffic with you, drive past the skyscrapers, laugh with the street vendors, eat the delicious food, attend the art shows, and sample the uniqueness of this city.

BW movers cannot wait to stand among you, to serve you, to form part of your lives. All five million and counting. Bw movers Johannesburg are standing by to give you all the solutions you need when it comes to moving house, opening an office, loading or unloading, or simply packaging. We are here, and we are excited to jump in and become surrounded by this absolutely breath-taking place.

BW Movers Johannesburg don’t just move stuff, we move people, move lives. Let us help you, and whether you are moving around in Joburg or coming in, or leaving. We are here to make sure you get the standard you deserve.

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Sandton is a wealthy town in the Gauteng Province. It was given its name by combining two of its suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston. In 1969 it became an independent municipal area but lost that status when South Africa’s local governments were reorganized after apartheid ended.

The Central Business District in Johannesburg was once a hub of activity and commerce, but the city’s urban decay led to many corporate offices moving from this district to Sandton. It has since become South Africa’s premier business center for finance with three out of their four largest banks keeping their headquarters there as well as Transnet, one of its transport agencies. Nedbank is only bank that moved it head office outside the CBD.

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Is it safe to go to Johannesburg?

Despite being the financial and cultural hub of South Africa, Johannesburg is a city that tourists tend to overlook by visitors due to the “Is Johannesburg safe?” stereotype held by many. The correct term is fear as many people- particularly women travelers – are afraid of exploring Johannesburg.
The city’s reputation has been tarnished over the years by the exponentially increasing crime stats, especially gang crime and drug trafficking. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for people who have visited this vibrant metropolis before say that what makes it so special isn’t just its history or architecture but also all those little moments in between where you can feel like anything could happen at any moment because there’s such an electrifying energy around every corner—a sensation unlike any other.

What is Johannesburg famous for?

The Apartheid Museum The Apartheid Museum graphically portrays the apartheid story through photos, artifacts, newspaper clippings and film footage. The sights of sounds of this dark era assault visitors as they move through thought-provoking permanent exhibits on an emotional journey throughout South Africa’s history. Paths follow their country from decades to oppression where democracy is born at last. Those interested in learning more about South Africa’s struggle for freedom should also visit Lipton House which has a museum dedicated exclusively to the struggles against colonialism…

The Apartheid Museum graphically displays historic events that occurred during the time period called “apartness” which was when white people treated blacks differently than whites were treated due to skin color differences and other factors such as language or religion among others;

Constitution Hill Constitution Hill was once known for its brutal treatment of political prisoners, common criminals and passive resistors. At the site, you can explore provocative exhibits at The Number Four museum, Women’s Gaol museum and Old Fort Museum together they are now know as “The Constitution Precinct” because it is home to the Constitutional Court of South Africa which rules on constitutional matters in this country.
This precinct has a history that includes famous former prisoners like Nelson Mandela who spent time there waiting trial before becoming president or Mahatma Gandhi who also spend some time here while awaiting his sentence after being found guilty by an Indian court under British rule)

Gold Reef City Gold Reef City is a family-friendly theme park that takes you back to the gold rush days through thrilling rides and historical exhibits. From reproductions of buildings from the time, like Crown Mines shafts and businesses, to an Anaconda roller coaster twisty turn experience for all ages; there’s something for everyone! Younger children will love trampolines, ten-pin bowling lanes or petting zoo animals in their own dedicated area while older kids can enjoy more thrill ride experiences such as The Wild One 3D theater with immersive special effects at your fingertips.

Gold Reef City is one giant amusement park where riders take flight on a series of exhilarating themed rides – not just for adults but also younger visitors who get their own attractions designed.

Soweto & the Mandela Museum Soweto, in Johannesburg’s southwest region 20 kilometers away from the city center and what is considered to be one of apartheid South Africa’s most segregated neighborhoods. Soweto was a planned area for segregation where black laborers were housed far from the city, many living in shacks made of corrugated iron. This once-humble town became home not only to those who fought against racial discrimination but also as birthplace of struggle for democracy during 1976 uprising known as “Sowet Uprising” which sought overthrow state with an aim on spreading across country. Today you can still see change amid history by coming face-toface with mansions that have sprouted up among crumbling shanties while visiting this land full contrasts..

The Maboneng Precinct. Maboneng is a perfect example of how an urban renewal project can be successful. Once just another rundown neighborhood, Maboneng now has restaurants and attractions that will keep people coming back for more! Market on Main sells food from all around the continent every week, Arts on Main offers studios where artists work their magic to create paintings or sculptures each day – it’s great fun when you’re there as well because they have live performances throughout various parts of the buildings in which visitors are welcome to watch. Revolution House features warehouses turned into artist galleries with shops selling clothes and other accessories; Bioscope hosts films screened inside old movie theaters while one warehouse houses funky cafes and bars mixed smartly within residential apartments.

Lion & Safari Park Day Trip Lion & Safari Park is a great place to spend your next day! You can cuddle with lion cubs, give giraffes some food and even go on guided game drives. Make sure you stay safe when exploring the park by following all safety regulations like staying inside of vehicles, walking in front of one another if going into animal enclosures or always having someone hold onto any children during interactions.

The Lion and Safari Park offers many different activities for people who want to explore Africa’s wildlife up close: self-guided tours that let visitors see lions, cheetahs, zebras, ostriches wild dogs hyenas; nighttime feeding tours where tourists are able to watch animals interact at dusk as they feed before tucking.

The Cradle of Humankind Day Trip The Cradle of Humankind is considered one of the most productive and important paleo-anthropological areas in the world. One interesting thing to see here are Sterkfontein stalactitic caves, which consist of six linked underground chambers with a lake at a depth 40 meters below ground level. Archaeological excavations here unearthed Mrs Ples’ skull, estimated 2 million years old–the oldest human being found on Earth so far! In 1998 scientists discovered an even older skeleton that dates back as early humans from three million years ago.

Pilanesberg National Park Day Trip If you want to see the African Big Five in a breathtaking location, then South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park is for you. You can take an easy 2.5-hour drive from Johannesburg and expect to spend 3 days here enjoying nature at its finest while spotting lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants – even rhinos! The park also boasts rich ecosystems because of their transition zone between lush Lowveld vegetation and parched Kalahari desert landscapes which offers opportunities for viewing animals such as wild dogs (Africa’s second fiercest predator), sable antelope more than 300 species of birds that make themselves at home within these boundaries.

Day Trip to Pretoria Pretoria is worth visiting for its impressive lineup of historical buildings, monuments, and museums. Ablaze with the purple hues of jacarandas in the springtime, Pretoria also has beautiful parks and gardens to explore among other attractions such as a large zoo or peaceful nature reserves within city limits where you can find all sorts of different wildlife that would be hard to see anywhere else.

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens offers a serene slice of wilderness on the edge of town. The gardens are managed by South African National Biodiversity Institute and this particular location has plenty to offer, including stunning views from red-rock cliffs as well as an impressive waterfall at its center. Sprawling fields surround Witpoortjie Waterfall with prime picnic nooks for some relaxing time in nature while you enjoy beautiful surroundings and river trails that weave their way through it.

South African National Museum of Military History The South African Museum of Military History has something for everyone, whether you want to learn about the country’s military history or just have some fun. Highlights include World War II fighter planes and bombers as well as tanks from wars past. Visitors can also explore medicine at war with Zulu healing treatments during the Anglo-Zulu War on display alongside modern day medical care delivered in a battlefield setting–as seen through poignant stories shared by injured soldiers themselves!

Wits Art Museum. The Wits Art Museum may be the first museum you’ll see in South Africa. Opened just two years ago, this impressive space is full of a wide variety of African art that includes work from West and Central Africa as well as some pieces from other parts of the continent. Located on campus at one end of trendy Braamfontein area, it’s easy to get there by taking any bus or train service since its right next door to many schools including University College Johannesburg-Witwatersrand (commonly known by their abbreviation UJ). The permanent collection can only be seen every so often but always has something new going up with frequent temporary exhibits adding an extra element for visitors who are looking for something fresh and different they haven.

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Where to Stay in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg, the city that knows how to have fun. In Johannesburg’s upscale northern suburbs such as Rosebank and Sandton you’ll be surrounded by shopping malls and theaters with top attractions like Constitution Hill (for all your history buffs) within a few minutes’ drive away. Here are some highly-rated hotels in these affluent residential areas:

In Johannesburg’s north end, where it counts–in Rosebank or Sandton–you’re only moments from everything worth seeing downtown at museums or even nearby shops for those last minute necessities before dinner tonight! With so many restaurants around here including affordable Chinese food on Melrose Avenue just off of Rivonia Road there is something for everyone who has come out to explore this fantastic country south of Africa.

Luxury Hotels: The Four Seasons Hotel is situated on a hill overlooking the Johannesburg Zoo and posh neighborhoods of The Parks. It isn’t far from Constitution Hill or Apartheid Museum, either – just nine minutes by car to each landmark! And if you’re looking for boutique hotels with all the amenities of bigger ones, Peech Hotel should be your first stop in Melrose’s upscale residential neighborhood.

The Westcliff hotel offers an elegant atmosphere at every turn while still feeling like home thanks to its pool and free parking (plus well-appointed rooms). Finally Hyatt Regency has one distinctively African style decor that will make it stand out among other luxury hotels near you.

The mid-range hotels in Johannesburg, South Africa offer a variety of amenities at reasonable rates for those looking to start their safari early or spend some time exploring the city before heading out into Kruger National Park. For an affordable hotel stay close to downtown that includes breakfast and parking, Thaba Eco Hotel is only 14 minutes by car from the Apartheid Museum. North of town are two great options: Garden Court Morningside Sandton has comfortable rooms with scenic views surrounded by lush gardens perfect for families on vacation; Genesis All-Suite Hotel offers spacious luxury apartment suites conveniently located 17 miles north of central Johannesburg where travelers can enjoy all modern conveniences without breaking your bank account!

When you’re looking for budget hotels in the Johannesburg area, there are plenty of places to choose from. The Premiere Classe Suites is a pet-friendly hotel near Wanderers Cricket Stadium with one and two bedroom apartments that will be great if you have an extended stay or family traveling together. A 30 minute drive from international airport and 20 minutes away from Sandton CBD, this bright cheery place has easy access to amenities like nearby shops restaurants bars theaters cafes as well as public transport options when needed. If it’s clean modern rooms your after then check out Mercure Johannesburg Midrand which offers free parking too! For those who need something closer to town try Road Lodge Southgate where they offer comfy rooms including some outdoor pool time on hand.

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