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Please feel free to WhatsApp Bw movers , Day or Night, Weekend or public holiday because are probably working anyway. Bw movers are happy to give you a no obligation quote and we always prefer to come out and see the house or office being moved. We now also offer new services, which are delivery service, logistics service, debris removal service, garbage collection service and a  storage service.

For all your relocation needs, let B&W Movers take care of it. As the company has been leading in the industry since 2010 we make sure that every client receives a complete assessment for their move and our teams are certified to provide service with one hundred percent efficiency.

B&W also offers customized packer who will help you arrange furniture and appliances to be moved into new home providing with quality assurance during packing process. After our quote is accepted, we can plan your relocation ahead of time so there’s no hassle on the day of moving which stresses people out about relocating so much more than they need to be stressing.

For Office Relocation we offer related services such as dismantling offices, loading from site to site or warehouse.




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Removal company

Furniture Removal Companies There are many things you should consider when choosing a removal company. First, ensure that a recognized body accredits the company. The

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The How and Why of Furniture Removal

Answer: Furniture removal is the transfer of furniture from one location to another. There are multiple options when it comes to hiring a company for furnishing removal: if you’re looking to hold an event and don’t have access to a large enough vehicle, we recommend booking a van with lots of lift space.

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Get rid of everything You know that feeling when you’re so overwhelmed by the task of packing everything up and moving it all across town? You’ll have less stuff to pack away into boxes, less stuff to move with heavy lifting involved (both from place A-to-place B and also between floors), as well as having more freedom for creativity within your new space without any clutter weighing down on what could be done otherwise!

Furniture Removal Services: Moving Your Home

Our furniture removal services will make your moving experience a lot more manageable. Because we pride ourselves on understanding that a move is an emotional time for our clients, all of our furniture removals are done with care and professionalism so you never need to worry about any breakages or damages happening along the way.

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