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We are a moving company in Sandton that offers affordable rates for both local and long-distance moves. We also offer packing services, pick up & delivery as well as storage facilities if you need to store your belongings while moving home or away from home temporarily. Our moving experience is varied with over 23 years of experience so we guarantee peace of mind. We’ve been providing our excellent service for years. If you are looking for a relocation company in Sandton that will provide an outstanding moving experience, then we would love to be your first choice. Our reliable and professional movers can handle any size move, whether you’re moving your office or packing up your entire apartment.


We have all of the equipment necessary to make sure that every item is handled with care and arrives safely at its destination. You won’t find better customer service than ours anywhere else in town- we always go above and beyond what’s expected so our customers leave happy every time!


History of Sandton

Sandton is named after two suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston, that are combined to make up the greater metropolitan area.

In the middle of town, you’ll find Sandton. It was established as a separate municipality in 1969 by the office of administrator for Transvaal and it had formerly not formed part of Johannesburg but managed to some degree from Pretoria through North Eastern Peri-Urban Land administration.

Sandton is a city in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It’s located just north of Johannesburg and has been known as an affluent residential area for many years, with some stunning properties here including mansions that are protected by electric fencing.

When it comes to shopping, Sandton is the place for you. It’s home to two of Africa’s most prestigious and sophisticated shopping complexes that have something for everyone – from antiques and jewellery to arts or curios. From designer fashion labels like Versace, Gucci, Prada; high-end appliances by Bosch Siemens Home Appliances South Africa; a wide selection of top restaurants in one convenient location such as Masala Wok Indian Restaurant (where they specialize in fresh tandoori food); all under an elegant glass ceiling with panoramic views over Johannesburg are just some examples what makes this area so special! With malls also boasting free WiFi access throughout their premises alongside child care facilities onsite at The Palms.

The richest suburb in Johannesburg, Sandton is a haven for high-end shopping and expensive goods. Known as the “Beverly Hills of Africa“, this affluent area has some of the best shops, restaurants, and hotels on offer to those who can afford it.

The heart of this bustling metropolis started as a farm many, many decades ago. Today, it is home to some of the world’s top multinational companies and the most exquisite hotels and exclusive shopping centers on the continent.

The place we now know as Sandton has been an integral part in shaping South Africa into what it is today-a land that offers not only natural beauty but also an economic opportunity for all who reside here.

The central business district in Sandton is Africa’s richest square mile. It started life as a farm many, many decades ago and now houses the headquarters of countless multinational corporations such as Microsoft and IBM.

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Reviews of things to do in Sandton.

* Take in the view from Lions Head

Lion’s head is a lookout point at one of Johannesburg’s most famous landmarks, Lion’s Hill. The views are incredible and it seems no matter which direction you look there will be something worth seeing. It offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Johannesburg-it sits on top of Sandton City like an eagle surveying its nest!

* Visit Nelson Mandela Square

Nelson Mandela Square was officially opened to the public on December 16th, 1995 by then South African President Nelson Mandela himself. He named this beautiful memorial site after his father as a tribute to all those who lost their lives during apartheid times. This place has come alive with live music performances, festivals, and celebrations since its opening in 1995.

* Shop at Sandton City Mall

This mall has everything a shopper could wish for. It is the first and only shopping center in Africa to be awarded an ISO 900:2015 certification for excellent customer service! You will find everything from clothing, cosmetics, home furnishings, and electronics shops all under one roof here. Themed zones make it easy to shop by category-just follow the signs inside of the building! There are also various restaurants with Italian, South African or international cuisine on offer which you can enjoy while browsing through their products.

*Montecasino Bird gardens

This garden is perfect for when you feel like taking a break from shopping and want some fresh air. The bird gardens are home to over 200 species of birds, in addition to various sculptures and other art installations which give the space an artistic edge.

*Theatre on the square in Sandton

The Theatre on the square offers an eclectic mix of productions from opera, musicals, drama and comedy. The performances are performed in English with some for international audiences too- perfect if you’re looking to brush up your language skills!

*Village Walk African Cultural Market

The Village Walk African Cultural Market is a place filled with the sounds of laughter and boisterous bargaining, as this market attracts locals from villages all over Africa. The small stalls line up in rows just outside the doors to Sandton Central Shopping Centre on Maude Street, each one boasting authentic goods for visitors looking for gifts or souvenirs. From beautifully carved wooden animals to intricately beaded dresses you’ll find something that will delight any recipient back home – guaranteed! Stop by at your next visit down South Africa’s main shopping street for some spontaneous cultural learning; these friendly people are always happy to teach their trade secrets if they see an interest!

*Moyo Melrose Arch

Winner of numerous awards, Moyo Melrose Arch is a 500 seater African a la carte dining experience that will make your spirits soar. This gastromique African indulgence takes place over five levels linking the mezzanines by rustic copper and steel staircases. Intercepting alcoves and passageways with deep Africa art and water features display Africa’s roots by local artists. Overlook the double volume centre stage while tapping your foot to an amazing selection of music from talented performers at this bar or be lucky enough to experience these talented people performing live right in front you! Puff on hand rolled cigs as they stroll around looking for new customers – who knows when one might bump into a movie star.

*Tea at Patisserie

Whether you’re looking for something a bit different than the afternoon cappuccino and muffin combination or have been craving an authentic French experience, Patisserie on Rudd Road in Illovo is perfect. The old-world atmosphere sets the tone with both tea and coffee served in silver teapots while delicious tidbits like delightful cakes, iced treats (including gelato) as well as cupcakes will make your mouth water! So whether it’s Marie Antoinette moments that daydream about all too often or just want to indulge yourself so much more afternoon treat check out this patisserie today!

*Liliesleaf in Rivonia

Liliesleaf is an interactive and historical experience situated in the leafy suburb of Rivonia.

The Liliesleaf farm was key to the political and military policies and strategies of the ANC during Apartheid, where numerous debates were held among prominent leaders like Goven Mbeki, Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Harold Wolpe & Denis Goldber while Nelson Mandela found shelter here – these included many important meetings about overthrowing apartheid as well!

*In Toto Gallery

In Toto Gallery, located in the suburb of Birdhaven not a minute’s walk from the Wanderers and close to Melrose Arch is an exciting new Johannesburg space that features local and international historical as well as contemporary works of art. The gallery offers cutting edge contemporary art as well up-and-coming artists with work by South African masters such Kevin Brandford on display for all who are interested. In addition to these fine pieces we also offer a range of styles which cater towards those looking into starting their collection or even just wanting something different for themselves no matter what your level it! So come visit our experts at In Toto Gallery where you can find everything you need right here under one roof.

*Art Afrique Gallery

Take a tour with Art Afrique. With locations in Johannesburg and Sandton, they offer many tours through three different hotels: The Michelangelo Hotel (known for its art collection), the Raffael Hotel (a five-star hotel), and the Da Vinci hotel (with an award-winning design). Tours are offered daily at 10 am, 12 pm or 2 pm to choose from that will last about two hours long where you’ll enjoy complimentary refreshments after your visit.

*The Wilds

The Wilds of Houghton are the best place to go for a walk if you love nature. The entrance is in an upscale suburb, but inside its 16 hectares of incredible indigenous vegetation and lovely koppies. You can wander around with paths going up hillsides that give great views out over Cape Town from different angles. There’s plenty to see on your walks – lots of birds will fly past as well as interesting plants like wild fig trees or rare species such as proteas or ferns which have been planted here by volunteers who’ve returned home after time abroad working at conservation projects overseas.”

*Atholl Square

At Atholl Square, you’ll be spoilt for choice with an array of fantastic eateries, including Johannesburg’s latest restaurants and coffee shops. Whether it’s a quick visit to the grocery store or catching up on some gossip at lunchtime – everything is just around the corner.”

Finally! A place where your wallet won’t get stretched thin by parking fees while browsing through fabulous boutiques in this luxurious shopping area that will make even those who drive there jealous.

*Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre

The Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre is the perfect place to find everything you need from indulgent items, everyday mundane needs and even an expansive food court. It occupies four levels of luxurious shopping experience with a variety of clothing stores like Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay as well as banks on each level. With its convenient location right in Sandton’s heart at Atholl Square it offers easy accessibility for all your areas: work, home or play!

*Rosebank Sunday Market

The Rosebank Sunday Market is a must-see for anyone who’s looking to pick up some souvenirs from Africa. Located in the Jhb suburb of Rosebank, this bustling market has been running for over forty years and provides both locals with an opportunity to sell their wares as well as tourists with an insight into African culture. Get ready to bargain hard – prices may not be set but you can still walk away happy if it means getting something special that no one back home will have!

*Tree Top Adventures

Johannesburg may be known as a shopaholic’s dream destination, but there is more to the City of Gold than fancy clothes and jewelry. In the north of this bustling urban metropolis lies an old forest that dates back almost six decades, and it’s famous for its exquisite canopy views. These views are best enjoyed at tree-top height on Tree Top Adventure SA tours which bring all the fun (and danger) of canopy tours right into Johannesburg in one easy 10-minute drive from Fourways Mall!

*Adventure Golf Fourways

Come play in our 18-hole Adventure Golf Course, where you can explore lush vegetation and serene ponds with your friends or family. For those who want to spend a day on a course that is relaxing yet still exciting, these are perfect for you! The three courses offer nine holes each which mean there’s plenty of time to find your way around without getting bored too quickly. These golf courses were established 20 years ago by some pioneers looking for an escape from everyday life as well – it was great then and it’s even better now!

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