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B&W Movers Randvaal is a company that provides top-of-the line moving services. Since their inception in 2019, they have been dedicated to providing high quality and professional movers who are committed to customer satisfaction. They’ve grown into an international business which has become widely known for its commitment of integrity toward customers as well as the environment by recycling at least 80 percent of all packing materials used throughout jobs. B&W offer one stop solutions from loading your home or office move with professionals, unloading it once you arrive onsite or shipping items overseas if necessary–they can do any job imaginable! See other moving companies Randvaal.

B & W Movers Randvaal is here so whether you’re traveling within Gauteng South Africa

Map of Randvaal


Which province is the Randvaal in?

Randvaal is a town in Midvaal Local Municipality in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Randvaal has an elevation of 1508 metres. Randvaal is situated east of Valley Settlements.

Places to stay near Randvaal:

Midvaal Gastehuis

Midvaal Gastehuis offers a charming getaway for guests who want to experience some of South Africa’s rural beauty. Guests can enjoy the vast gardens, or relax with family and friends in one of two guest rooms available on site. The Lapa has space for 4 people, including 1 bedroom overlooking an outdoor braai area where meals are prepared and enjoyed together at the dining table inside!

The Village Guest House

Henley-on-Klip is a mere 40km from Johannesburg, and it’s one of the best kept secrets in South Africa. Nestled on the banks of the Klip River, this quaint village offers abundant bird life alongside mighty trees that line both sides at sunset with majestic magnificence. Henley Lodge invites you to enjoy its tranquil surroundings; we have apartments or suites set among 2 acres of lush gardens for your enjoyment. You’ll find our Manor House decorated in subtle African themes mixed with Africana antiques – fireplaces invite guests to gather around while dining downstairs by candlelight after daylong walks through these magnificent grounds as they socialize until night falls upon us all…

Ducks Country House

Ducks Country House is situated in the tranquil village of Henley-on-Klip, a short drive South of Johannesburg. Located on the banks of Klip River Ducks offers peaceful ambience with beautiful gardens leading onto and along side well manicured lawns to encompass guests who want more than just home away from home experience but also some time for themselves. On site there are two luxury log cabins which accommodate 4 people each; one cabin has three bedrooms while other only has a single bedroom as they prefer being lonesome types or those travelling without children may find this option quite suitable enabling them peace and quiet during their stay at our manor house converted into guest house, where squash court was skillfully transformed into intimate theatre used for conferences/

Things to do in Randvaal.

Café du Cirque – Boswell Wilkie Circus

The circus family has been around for generations. The Big Top is gone, but the Coffee Shop in Randvaal is still going strong! It’s with great sadness that we announce our beloved big top will be taken down on December 10th after many years under the hot South African sun. Many of us remember what it was like to run through those tents and feel its majestic beams of light shine upon you as your parents followed closely behind – not only did this place grow memories in people young and old, but also served as a home away from home for travelers coming into Randvaal just looking for one last adventure before they settled back at their families homes across town or country-side.

The family have made the difficult decision not to replace the Big Top, which means that they will NO longer host circus participation parties and school outings.
We do party décor too! We can help you plan a beautiful birthday bash for your little ones at our café or stables venue. The kiddies can enjoy pony rides in our new rustic stable with its big gardens perfect for running around; there’s also bubble art activities – huge bubbles, small bubbles and even some bubble-making games on offer!! Why not try out one of these awesome Magic Bubble Parties? Don’t worry: we’ll take care of everything from start to finish so all parents need is their children…and don’t forget cake.

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