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The people of Vereeniging work hard. It stands as the most important industrial city in South Africa, with specialities ranging from iron and steel, to pipes, bricks, tiles and processed lime.  There are power plants in the city, car dealerships, workshops, and much, much more.

The people of Vereeniging are engineers, mechanics, electricians, and specialists in all fields of life. It is no surprise, as Vereeniging is full of some of the best schools and campuses, no less than six at that.

Life in Vereeniging unfolds at its own pace, fast, careful, and direct. The city is one of the oldest in South Africa, and has stood through all the big upsets, and events. From its origins as a small coal deposit, Vereeniging has carved out a unique spot for itself in the collective imagination and culture of Modern South Africa.

The people of Vereeniging revere the past, while moving forward at a breakneck pace. They are hard workers in all areas of life, not just their ‘work’. The suburbs of Vereeniging have stood for years, the homes are historical, large and small, and the churches absolutely breath-taking. Your wide streets are framed by glorious trees whose leaves and shade are a place of congregation for the young and old alike. You carve your lives out in this historical place, making it your own and we look forward to stepping in, to form part of this significant story, standing alongside the greats. We are here to make your life easier, to take away the inevitable headaches of moving houses, business, or loading and unloading.

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History of Vereeniging

In 1879, George William Stow was commissioned by the Orange Free State government to look for coal deposits in Bethlehem. But he soon found a 12-foot thick deposit on Leeuwkuil farm near Maccauvlei and Transvaal sides of Vaal River after moving northward from Bethlehem. However, even though it differed greatly when compared with other places they had looked at before due to its proximity and easy transportability; the state decided against mining there because they believed that it would be too far away if their country were warred upon.

When it comes to coal mining, people are often relieved when they find out that the process is not as bad for the environment because of a law in South Africa called “The Mines and Works Act.” The act was passed by Parliament on April 28th 1909.

Marks’ agent J.G. Fraser purchased the Klipplaatdrift farm in October 1881 for £15,500 and named it Vereeniging after his shortened company name of Volksraad Coal Company.
In a mere 2 years following its purchase from Pistorius, coal was shipped to Kimberley by ox-wagon and due to such development that there was need for new surveys on both farms; with one being established as the village area before finally reaching naming rights: “Vereeniging”.

How far is Vereeniging from Johannesburg?

Distance from Vereeniging to Johannesburg

Distance from Vereeniging to Johannesburg is 53 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 33 miles.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Vereeniging and Johannesburg is 53 km= 33 miles.

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Vereeniging to Johannesburg, It takes 0.06 hours to arrive.

What is Vereeniging famous for?


Vereeniging’s access to abundant coal and water from the Vaal River has enabled it to become one of South Africa’s main heavy industrial centers with plants manufacturing assorted iron, steel products, glass and bricks. Large local thermal power stations transmit electricity through the national grid where demonstrations in 1960 denounced pass laws at nearby township Sharpeville led to shooting deaths of 67 blacks. Population (2001) 79 630

How far is Vereeniging from Pretoria?

Distance from Vereeniging to Pretoria

Distance from Vereeniging to Pretoria is 106 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 66 miles.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Vereeniging and Pretoria is 106 km= 66 miles.If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Vereeniging to Pretoria, It takes 0.12 hours to arrive.

Is Vereeniging a rural area?

Vereeniging is a small town on the banks of the northern loop of Vaal River, 60 kilometers away from Johannesburg. The city has many attractions to offer its visitors including an art gallery and museum that showcase local artists’ work and artifacts related to Dutch settlement in South Africa like maps, portraits, furniture or coins. Plus there are also parks where you can go for walks with your family (check out Verenigings Park) or enjoy some time at leisure just relaxing by one of their beautiful lakeside paths!

The town of Vereeniging is a great place to stay overnight if you are passing through. We recommend staying at one of the many hotels or guest houses in order to feel right at home, but it might be best for those only driving by on their way elsewhere as they will not have much time here. If that sounds like your situation, please stop into our restaurants and cafes before heading out again! There’s plenty food for everyone from traditional dishes made with local ingredients all the way up to some international cuisine too – catering well no matter what kind of taste buds you may have! You can also check out things-to-do while visiting this quaint little township; we’ve got events going every day so there really should be.




Top 10 Places To Visit In Vereeniging

Make sure to explore these 10 places to visit in Vereeniging, Gauteng on your trip to South Africa. You will have the time of your life:

  • Orange Farm Park
  • Sharpeville Township and Memorial
  • De Kraal Antiques and Collectables
  • Jabulani Butterfly Garden
  • Vaal Dam
  • Maccauvlei Golf Club
  • Riviera on Vaal Country Club
  • Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
  • Marievale Bird Sanctuary
  • Tapimanzi Adventures

Orange Farm Park From its rural past, Orange Farm Township is now a suburb of Johannesburg. It can be found approximately 42 kilometers from the heart of Johannesburg and has been famous for being one of the chief familiar settlements in South Africa along with high levels both poverty rates and joblessness. But recently it has seen many new additions to help improve conditions such as tarring some roads, cheap houses that are available through The City’s programs like Thulamela Builders Scheme (TBS), clinics which provide much needed healthcare services including HIV/AIDS testing for all ages starting at 13 years old; there have also been Regional parks created around their farm where people can go enjoy a day out while sitting on swings or playing basketball

Sharpeville Township and Memorial The Sharpeville Massacre was a tragic event that has left many people in anguish. On the morning of March 21, 1960, police opened fire on an unarmed group of protestors at the local station for carrying pass books with no intention to harm anyone. They shot and killed 69 civilians out fear-driven paranoia; only injuring 180 more citizens who were caught up in their irrational act known as “the Sharpeville massacre”

De Kraal Antiques and Collectables Located in the corner of Old Johannesburg Road and Evaton road, Vereeniging. De Kraal Antiques presents a large selection between fascinating farm antiques including an exquisite old engine from Africa’s “gold era” with panoramic views to match!

Jabulani Butterfly Garden The Jabulani Butterfly Garden is a hidden gem situated in the heart of Gauteng. A leisurely stroll through their flight house will enable you to view these beautiful butterflies and all other small animals they’ve captured inside, with your own two eyes!

Vaal Dam You and your family will find all the excitement of water sports in this dam. The Vaal Dam hosts events like round-the-island yacht race, Keelboat Week, bayshore jet ski races and Marina Vaal Dam treasure hunt that take place every year. There’s also a host of keels for coral harbours where you’ll see fishermen, surfers or canoers over weekends at 56 km south from Johannesburg.

Maccauvlei Golf Club This is a parkland golf course located on the banks of the Vaal, 45 minutes from Johannesburg’s heart. The facility was established in 1926 and has held its place as one of South Africa’s top 50 courses for all these years since then. With George Peck being original architect at work when it first opened, Major S V Hotchkin had been called to put finishing touches before leaving his mark – making sure that everyone could enjoy their time here!

Riviera on Vaal Country Club Set in the historic coal mining city of Vereeniging, The Riviera on Vaal Country Club is a tranquil golf course for those looking to enjoy Gauteng’s unblemished countryside. Located by gurgling rivers and idyllic views that will leave you speechless- this club provides all amenities necessary to unwind after an intense game or practice session.

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve A stunning array of wildlife awaits at the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve in Heidelberg, Gauteng. The reserve spans a staggering 13,337 hectares and accommodates an assortment of flora and fauna to keep you engaged for hours on end! From open grassland hillsides with plains below to wooded gorges, marshlands and even heath-type landscapes; there are plenty of different types of vegetation that can be explored when visiting this magnificent location.

Marievale Bird Sanctuary Located in the outskirts of Nigel, a town on the border between Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces; this bird sanctuary encompasses 10 square kilometres. It is home to about 3500 birds and 65 different species during its summer months. Visitors may also see reed cormorant, Ethiopian snipe, yellow billed duck or African spoonbill–just to name a few!

Tapimanzi Adventures Vaal and Tapimanzi Adventures in Vereeniging offers white-water rafting, snorkelling, river rafting, kayaking, fishing trips for the adrenaline junkie—from 55m bungee jump heights to a tranquil stroll on water. If you’re not an expert swimmer yet want to get some experience under your belt without risk of drowning then head over here!

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