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Whether you want to move from one homestead in Alberton to another, or are setting up your office or business, BW Movers Alberton will meet you at the right pace.



It does not take long to realize Alberton is a special place. There are the usual beautiful buildings, a history stretching all the way back. There are the quirky little day care centres, the big schools, the sport centres, church buildings, and lovely private homes. But there is something special in Alberton.

There is a delicacy to the people here, a patience, a beauty, that is difficult to put into the words. People move to Alberton for this reason, that innate way of being. The quaint little homes, the well-manicured lawns and the neat little gardens. When people say the grass is greener on the other side, they mean Alberton. Greens are greener in Alberton, the sky bluer, and the swimming pools clearer.

The people of Alberton care. They like to care, they care openly. About their kids, their animals, and Alberton itself. It is an overachieving neighbourhood, with excellent and dedicated sports people, some of the most famous people who’ve come out of this country passed through this unassuming little town. The schools are excellent, proud of its students and their achievements. The shops are well taken care of, the business owners know each other. People learn each other’s names and remember, looking out for each other, and supporting one another.

Alberton is a quiet place, patient, and sleepy, which is all you can ask for from a residential area. Whether you want to move from one homestead in Alberton to another, or are setting up your office or business, BW Movers Alberton will meet you at the right pace.

If you are moving into this lovely place, we are here to help you. We like people who care because we care. We believe we move more than stuff, more than furniture and random items, we are moving your family, your life. We take care of your possessions, we take care of you, and the place you move to.

B&W Movers are looking forward to working with the people of Alberton, working for them, bringing them solutions, and solving all the unnecessary issues of moving house, office space, or just helping with loading and unloading, or even packaging.

It is an honor to work in Alberton, a charge we do not take lightly. We are intending on doing our best, serving you with care and courage if needs be. We want to be there when you set up your first home with your little kids, we want to help you sort out all the paperwork and headaches of a home-based office or a brand-new spot in one of the many excellent locations in this suburban heaven.

See you soon B&W Movers Alberton, to make sure it all goes over smoothly.

How far is Alberton from Johannesburg?


Distance from Johannesburg to Alberton.

The driving distance between Johannesburg and Alberton is 11.3km and it would take you 0 Hours 8 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph).
Johannesburg is a city in South Africa and Alberton is a town in South Africa

The Flying time between Johannesburg and Alberton is 0 Hours 1 minute since you would need to travel 9.3 km.

The Cycling time between Johannesburg and Alberton is approximately 0 Hours 18 minutes
If you wanted to take a Walk from Johannesburg to Alberton, it would take 2 Hours 16 minutes
however, if you were to take a Run it would take you 1 Hour 8 minutes.

The GPS Coordinates of Johannesburg, South Africa are (Latitude: -26.205 Longitude: 28.0497222)
and the GPS Coordinates of Alberton, South Africa are (Latitude: -26.2494444 Longitude: 28.1283333)

Is Alberton a good suburb?

Alberton, situated on the East Rand and mixed in culture as is its land use has a staggering 77.16 km2 footprint with some present-day heroes residing or having resided there including great South African rugby player Japie Mulder, politician Carl Niehaus who also served as Minister of Arts & Culture under Nelson Mandela’s presidency from 1994 to 1999 until he resigned after being implicated in corruption scandals involving government-controlled arts subsidies, and for movie buffs Arnold Vosloo best known for his role as Imhotep (The Mummy)

WesBank Raceway caters to avid equestrian lovers and punters. You’ll also find Rand Airport nearby with Harvard Café a nice place to do some plane spotting, have a sundowner with friends or take an easy flight around Gauteng’s scenic countryside.
For those looking for something more adventurous close by is the Vaal River where you can enjoy water sports like kayaking or canoeing (think: birds of prey circling above). And while it may be too far away from Alberton City mall on foot – there are ample access points via either route 12 or 1 making this destination worth your time! Southgate Mall features shops catering to locals in surrounding areas including Soweto.

Alberton is a place where you can find homes for any price range. The design styles are mixed, catering to all tastes and property needs. Meyersdal and Brackenhurst offer older houses with low prices but still great value in the Alberton suburbs area – from conventional to wow! Also checkout Alrode.

Alberton has abundant public schools that will be attended by kids of every age group living on its outskirts: preschools (K-2), primary school children (3-7), or high school students up until matriculation year 12/13).

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