Moving and Storage Service

Moving and Storage Service

Millions of people move homes or businesses every year. While some may choose to move on their own, most will make use of a moving service or moving company as well as a storage service if they have to be out of their old premises before their new home or business is ready for them to move in.

It is vitally important to know what to expect from your moving and storage companies prior to your moving date so as to be prepared. Removal and storage companies, although not always cheap are designed to make your move and the moving process less stressful.

These Moving services are more often than not well worth the money when it comes to the services that they offer and the movers that you provide to help you.

Storage services are also available when your new home or office residence is not quite yet ready for you to move into your new office branch. This, however, is normally a separate service.

Moving Company and Removal and Relocation Services

A moving company or removal company is a service that is designed to assist people to move to and from residential or rural areas as well as assist businesses to move their belongings from one place to another in the event of an office move or relocation.

These moving company and removal services are able to assist with most, if not all of your moving needs.

  1. What Will A Moving Services Company Offer Me?

A moving service company normally offers services such as packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and arranging of heavy furniture. Some moving services may even offer cleaning services for houses and offices.

Some moving companies also assist their clients to find or buy packing materials such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to wrap up fragile belongings. Check with your moving service if they offer packaging materials before you go out and buy your own.

There is never a set amount for this, and it will differ depending on what services you require as well as how many items you need to move. The travelling distance will also be added onto the quote.

Moving companies in Johannesburg offer prices that can range from a few thousand rand up to R50 000 or more, depending on what needs to be moved. It is normally a good idea to get a few quotes before you decide on your preferred supplier. There are many moving services in South Africa that you are able to choose from.

Storage Services for Home and Office

Sometimes you are not able to move into your new home immediately and you may require storage services.  Storage companies tend to offer a competitive rate and the price is normally measure by the size or number of containers that you will need to hold all of your belongings.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Store Items of Furniture?

You are more than likely looking at an average of R1500 per week depending on how much needs to be stored. A lot of companies require you to pay for a month worth of storage so remember to take that into account when working out your moving budget.

  • Do Moving Companies Offer Storage?

Normally, moving companies do not offer storage which is why many people who are moving opt to rent portable moving containers.

What You Should Expect from Moving Services and Storage Service Providers

Prior To Your Move

It is up to you to start enquiring about moving services at least two months ahead of your moving day. A reputable moving service will normally let you know a while before you are due to move what they need from you.

Ultimately, they will require a moving date a few months in advance. They will also ask you if you require packing or storage services to be arranged depending on your circumstances.

The benefits of packing services:

  • The reduced risk of personal injury when moving heavy items.
  •  Reduced risk of damage to property.
  •  Less stress!

The Move

When moving day arrives movers will arrive at your home to pack and load your belongings onto a truck or simply to load the belongings that you have already packed.

The moving company will be in charge of the transport to your new home or storage facility. If your belongings are being moved to a storage unit then once your new home is ready the movers will then retrieve your belongings from the storage unit and deliver them to your new home.

On arrival at your new home the movers will unload your belongings. Some moving companies will even unpack for you at an additional fee.


Storage facilities have to make sure that they offer the best conditions for your belongings. Items such as glass and ceramic dishes can withstand storage units that do not offer climate control, yet other belongings may be destroyed if the conditions are too hot or too cold.

It is a good idea to ask your storage company what facilities they offer and if their containers are able to cater for specific belongings.

BW movers recommend using Store-ease for all your storage needs. Click on the link or Dial: 0861-STORAGE (786-724-3)

BW movers are committed to give you the best moving experience at affordable prices.  We understand what stresses moving can put on a family or a business and endeavor to make your moving experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Our handpicked team of packers and movers are trained to make the moving process smoother, faster and stress free.  We will pack, carry, transport, and offload your belongings while exceeding industry standards with our friendliness and professionalism.

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