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Long Distance Moving

You have finally landed the job of your dreams, but you now have to relocate to another province! and you are looking for professional movers company near me that remove or move your home furniture.

This is going to be a long-distance move, and you need to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row in order to make the moving process run smoothly. Let’s first define what long distance moving actually is.

Generally a move that is over 650km is considered to be a long-distance move. If you are moving 150km or less, then this would be a local move. These long-distance moves can also be referred to as cross-country moves or long-haul moves dependent on both the distance and the destination. Either way you are going to need professional movers company near me to help you with this process.

Long distance moving and finding the right movers can be quite tricky, but it is possible to get done smoothly and effectively if you follow a few basic tips:

Tips on How to Successfully Complete a Long-Distance Move

  • Remember that moving companies usually charge by the number of items that they have to transport so it is a good idea to sell of any unwanted items that you have accumulated over a number of years. This will help to lessen your long-distance moving costs.
  • Rent a portable moving container, freight trailer or moving truck if you want to attempt the move by yourself. The best way to go, is to find movers near me to help you.
  • Find the cheapest quotes on moving boxes and other supplies from retailers and moving companies in South Africa.
  • Rather ship your stuff if you are moving from South Africa to another country.
  • If you are moving for a new job opportunity try to arrange that your new company pay for the movers as a part of your package.

Costs of Long Distance Moving in South Africa

There are many long-distance removal companies in South Africa. The trick is to find the most reliable and efficient moving company near me before just jumping in.

Take the time to look over the different quotes and packages that are offered by the movers. There are a range of moving companies in South African to choose from. You can often obtain long-distance moving quotes instantly by giving moving companies a list of your inventory. The movers will then have more of an understanding as to what needs to be done.

You may find some cheap long-distance removal companies near me but make sure that you have a look at their webpage and reviews to make find out if they are legitimate and efficient movers.


Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Pack Properly

Before your long-distance moving company arrives, there are a few things to do in order to best prepare for the move.

  1. You have to make sure that all of your belongings are properly packed as long-distance moves can be very unpredictable especially on roads that may have potholes. Ensure that all of your items are packed properly in order to protect them from any bumps along the way. Advise your movers of boxes that are fragile.
  • Try to use decent quality boxes and packaging supplies so as to make sure that all of your items arrive from point A to B during a long distance move intact.

Get Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is usually recommended when moving from one province or even country to another. It is always best to make sure that you are prepared and covered for the unexpected.

Moving FAQs

Should I Move My Furniture or Buy More on Arrival?

This depends on if you are moving locally or internationally. If you are not moving too far from your current home, then it is probably going to be a lot cheaper to keep the furniture that you already have.  Remember that a local move is a lot less expensive than a long-distance move and moving old items and furniture from one home to the next will be more cost efficient.

The Cheapest Ways to Move Long Distance

  • Try to get free boxes from your local grocery store. Many groceries have tons of cardboard boxes that they throw away on a weekly basis. Call ahead and ask them to keep some aside for you.
  • Borrow packing supplies from friends or family if you need to.
  • Pack smartly so that you can fit many items into one box, provided that the box is strong enough.
  • Pack some of your belongings in your own car on the day of the move.
  • If you need to then sell some of the items that you have not used for years in order to get some money in to help you with the costs of the move.

What Do I Need to Find Out from My Movers?

Ideally these are the questions that you should be asking movers when you are still deciding on a moving company to move you long-distance:

Ask the mover company what their business registration number is.

Ask them for a cost estimation.

Ask about any additional fees that you may not have been informed about.

Find out if they offer any type of insurance.

Ask them if they are able to provide you with packaging and storage solutions should the need arise.

Ask them for a few referrals that you can contact to find out if they had offered a good service.

How do I pack breakable Items for A Long-Distance Move?

Make sure that you secure the bottom of the box by taping up any open seams and corners with box tape. You can even build a cushion base for fragile items and line the inside of the box so as to protect any items of value that are in the box. It is always best to wrap each item individually with bubble wrap, towels or newspaper.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Bubble Wrap?

Here are some alternatives to using bubble wrap:

  • Packing paper
  • Old or second-hand clothing
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Blankets

What Are the Cheapest Packing Materials?

One of the cheapest ways in which to move it to use taped up, sturdy cardboard boxes. If you have fragile items, then you should use bubble wrap to wrap so as to protect these itmes during the long-distance move.

Where Can to Buy Cheap Packing Material?

Amazon is an amazing place in which to look for packing supplies. It may, however, be a little pricey so if you are working to  budget then boxes from your local grocery store will do the same trick.

What Will My Movers Load First?

Your Bw moving company will load the largest boxes firs and then complete the puzzle with the small boxes on filling up any gaps under desks on chair seats or beneath tables. Heavy boxes should not contain fragile items and these items should be packed into the moving truck last..

When Should I Book My Movers?

Your movers company should be booked at least two months before your moving date. This is due the to the fact that good movers are usually booked to least three four months in advance.

When Is the Cheapest Day to Move?

With most moving companies near me it is cheaper to move during the week. The rates offered are usually lowered quite a bit due to the fact that it is during the week and they are normally not as busy as what they are on a weekend.

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