How Much Does It Cost to Move?


You have decided to take the plunge and move from your current home to another. Whether this means that you are upgrading to a larger house or downgrading to a smaller property, moving can be a very difficult task.


Did you know that moving is placed at almost the same level as some of the top stress causing events in a person’s life along with divorce and even death!


The question you are now looking to find answers to is, how much does it cost to move from one place to another?

Moving cost

How Much Does It Cost to Move the Contents of My Garage?


When it comes to moving a garage is more often than not the last room that is packed up. Packing up your garage is not an easy job as your garage is normally full of tools, equipment and items that you don’t even remember that you had.  Garages often become a dumping site away from the house and often forgotten about until it is time to move.


There are many advantages to packing up your garage first. It gives you the chance to get rid of items that you are no longer going to use. It is also the perfect way to declutter and even get some extra cash by selling items of value that you may no longer require.


Tips on sorting out your garage:


  • Sort your items out into two separate sections, one being the section for the things that you want and the other being the section for the things that you would like to throw away, donate or sell.
  • Price and tag items that you would like to sell or donate.

The Costs of Moving A Bachelor Flat


Many movers typically charge by the hour, with the average rate dependant on how many hours the move it going to take. Prices can vary depending on which floor you are moving out of or into and it is important to furnish your bw movers moving company with all the details that they need so as to assist you with the correct quotation.

Your moving company may also charge extra fees for special services and supplies. Some examples can include:


  • Moving items up and down stairs
  • Long carries
  • Inaccessible parking and long hallway carries
  • Elevator carries
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies
  • Storage Costs
moving flat cost

The Cost of Moving a Two Bedroom House


There are a variety of things that can be done to save costs when moving out of your two bedroomed home.  There are indeed many factors that can either lower or bring up the price of your quote. Here are a few tips to help you determine how much your move is going to cost.


·      Less is Less!

It is important to consider which items you want to take with to your new location when planning a move.  Try to weigh up your options and make a decision as to whether the items that you have are worth moving and if you will use them again at your new location.


·      The Moving Distance

The distance of your move will also determine how much a moving company is going to charge.  The shorter the distance, the less the overall cost.  As most local movers tend to charge by the hour, they will often take into account the time that is going to be taken by driving up and down from one location to the next.

The Cost of Moving a Three Bedroom House


The amount that you will pay to move a three-bedroom home highly depends on the methods that you are going to choose in order to facilitate your move. Keep in mind that it is common for a three-bedroomed home to have a significant amount of furniture, appliances and boxes to load and transport.


Some people may opt for a DIY move.  If you decide on this option, then it may be beneficial to enlist in the aid of several family members or friends to help you with this monstrous task.

The following are some expenses that you can expect during a self-conducted move:


Renting A Truck

If you or a friend does not own their own truck, chances are that you are going to have to rent a truck to move your belongings to the intended destination.


Packaging Supplies

It is important to remember that packing supplies, especially for an entire 3 bedroomed home, can add up to be quite costly.


House cost of moving company

The Cost of Moving a Big Family Home


Moving companies all operate differently and the way in which they quote can vary.  It is important to take note of the biggest factors that could affect a moving companies pricing, particularly when moving the contents of a big family home.


If you are planning on using a removal company near me to assist you to pack up your belongings and transport them to another destination, there will obviously be costs involved.  Sometimes, however, the mental and emotional benefits of hiring a moving company can far outweigh the costs.

If you have decided on doing a DIY move it is important to consider the expenses that you are going to incur by flying solo.  These expenses can include the cost of packaging materials, fuel and the hiring of a vehicle to help with the transportation of your belongings from point A to point B.


Other Hidden Costs


There are a couple of costs that often go unnoticed until you have moved in. These can include:


·      Crockery and food costs for the day of your move

·      Purchasing tailor made blinds or curtains to fit your new windows

·      Any extra DIY work that needs to be done on your new home

·      Reconnection of your DTSV or internet lines

·      Fumigation

·      Home and carpet cleaning


These key factors can help you to determine an estimated moving cost and how much you can expect to pay when hiring the services of a removal company to help you move.


Moving Costs Within South Africa


The total cost of hiring a moving company can differ from place to place and is also dependent on the services that you require. Some moving companies base their prices on the quantity of furniture that you need to move as well as the travelling distance to your new address.


Within South Africa, prices can range from as little as R1 000 to R50 000. You may also consider taking out insurance to cover any unforeseen damage to your property that could occur during the move.


It is important to get numerous quotes before your move in order to find a price that can accommodate your budget.



The Costs of Moving Nationally


There are normally two main ways in which to determine moving costs in South Africa:


1)    Inventory Volume Calculator


Many furniture removal companies and movers use this method to get the best estimation prices for your move. This is done by making use of an inventory list. Moving companies within South Africa measure your belongings by cubic metres so as to give them a good idea as to what size of truck is going to be required.


It will also give these companies an indication of how long it is going to take for their staff members to load and unload your belongings off the removal truck.


2)    Distance Moving Calculator


Some moving companies use the distance that is calculated from point A to B as a quoting method.  These companies normally stick with the same average figure when determining the cost of your quote.


The price of petrol often has a big influence on the quote, as well as the way in which the removal company will take into consideration the wear and tear on their trucks.


Cost charging for new home moving

The Costs of Moving Locally


Company Name

Under 50 kms

100 – 200 km

BW Movers









Bachelor Flat/Garage R3500.00

Includes 2 general workers, a bakkie, trailer and blankets. Insurance not included.


Two Bedroom Home


Includes 3 general workers, 7-ton truck and trailer and blankets.

Insurance not included.



Large Family Home


Includes 6 general workers, 2 x 7-ton trucks and blankets. Insurance not included.



Bachelor Flat/Garage


Includes 2 general workers, a bakkie, trailer and blankets. Insurance not included.


Two Bedroom Home


Includes 3 general workers, 7-ton truck and trailer and blankets.

Insurance not included.



Large Family Home


Includes 6 general workers, 2 x 7-ton trucks and blankets. Insurance not included.

Key Moves


Moving a Big Family Home



Approximately R14 400-00


Excludes Insurance



BW movers are committed to give you the best moving experience at affordable prices.  Our handpicked team of packers and movers are trained to make the moving process smoother, faster and stress free.


We will pack, carry, transport and offload your belongings while exceeding industry standards with our friendliness and professionalism. Put BW Movers to the test and experience a move that makes you smile.  BW Movers will also come and expect your home and furnish you with a no obligation quote.


We Are the Moving Expertise You Can Rely On.

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