How to choose the best removal company

removal company

South Africa has a somewhat different near removal company landscape and choosing the right
one for your move is essential. In South Africa, any oke with a bakkie will confess to being
able to move a home or an office and there are many casual bakkie or van owners that
advertise so. However, there comes a point where you need a professional removal
company to move your home, office or factory. So, how do you choose the right removal
company for your needs? Here are 5 tips to help you choose the best removals company.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Removal Company for my Office Move?

When searching for the best office removals companies, there are several factors to consider. First, experience matters. Look for companies with a proven track record in handling office moves. Additionally, ensure they have the required resources, such as equipment and manpower, to handle your specific needs. Don’t forget to check for insurance coverage and licenses to guarantee a smooth and secure transition. Lastly, consider reading reviews or asking for recommendations to narrow down your options and choose the most reliable and professional company.

A Fixed Address

As noted, SA has a somewhat different removals landscape than most other countries. One
of the top things to know before hiring a professional removals company is that they have a
fixed address. Having a fixed address is important and shows that the removals company is
legit. Furthermore, the company should have more than just a cellphone number and a point
of contact. All this ensures you can contact the company if something goes wrong. There are
plenty of horror stories where truckloads of furniture go missing, never to be found again by
unscrupulous removals companies.
Is the company accredited and experienced?
Removal companies are not just guys with a truck that lift and carry your furniture and
valuables from point A to point B. Checking that the company has all the right credentials is
essential. Having a company that has all the right credentials firstly shows the company
takes itself seriously and secondly gives you peace of mind that the removals company
knows what they are doing. Experience and accreditation mean the company you are
wanting to hire are trusted and reliable.

Written Quotes

When choosing the best removals company always get a written quote with terms and
. A thumb-suck or a verbal quote opens a whole can of worms. A professional
written quote outlining the exact details of the move along with the terms and conditions
creates accountability and it also allows you to compare quotes to ensure you get the best
deal for your move. You should note that the cheapest quote does not equal the best
removal company.


Accidents happen and when moving house or office the chances of something breaking are
increased. A professional removals company, such as BW Movers, will, of course, do its
best not to cause damage or lose items but nothing is guaranteed. Ensuring your removal
company has professional and current insurance is a must. Some removal companies give
you the option for extra or specific insurance as part of their service to give added peace of

What others say

By far the best way to help you choose the best near removals firm is to see what previous
customers have said. Testimonials are fantastic and helpful and where a removals company
can give you customers to actually speak to make choosing between removal companies

BW Movers

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