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Debris Removal Service (we no longer offer this)

Old trees, debris rubbish and building materials lying outside your home or garden is not only an eyesore, but also dangerous.  It is important to hire a debris removal company to assist you in removing unwanted debris from your home, especially if you don’t have the means to do it for yourself.

So, what is a debris removal company?

A debris and junk removal company or disposal service company sends a few people to your home together with a dumpster truck and loads up all the debris and junk from your home. They work in a similar way to moving companies, except for the fact that they dispose of your unwanted yard waste and other materials instead of taking them to a new location.

In this article we will look at the dangers of leaving unwanted debris outside of the home as well as debris removal cost and debris removal insurance.

The Dangers of Leaving Debris Lying Outside Your Home

You may ask yourself what the harmful effects of a dumping ground can have, and why debris removal and junk removal services so important?

There are so many hazards to consider when you are dealing with waste or junk sites. The hazards that come with these junk sites can include water contamination, bad odours, fire hazards, soil contamination and the release of greenhouse gases  and pollution just to name a few.

This type of pollution and contamination is directly due to improper waste, debris, and junk disposal. Sometimes these sites can also be a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitos and flies as vermin such as mice and rats.

Unfortunately these insects and rodents can bring with them various diseases such as Dengue Fever and malaria. In short, debris and junk lying around in your garden or home is a potential danger to both the environment and your family. Proper waste and junk disposal is a must!

If you opt to burn the waste you may cause large level fires, yet if you dispose of them on land you may cause ground water contamination, soil contamination and air pollution. Disposing of hazardous waste and junk from your home it absolutely critical.

The good news, however, is that there are ways to do it.

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Debris Removal Service (we no longer offer this) 6

How Do I Get Rid of All My Debris and Junk?

Junk and debris removal is a much-needed service and almost impossible for you to do yourself unless you hire a removal truck and a few staff to help you. This can result in wasted time and money as well as various mishaps or injuries that could happen when the job is not handled by a professional service that’s knows what they are doing.

There are a vast number of companies that are able to remove all kinds of trash from your home or business. These companies haul many items of junk from your premises, including old furniture and appliances, construction debris and trash and estate cleanouts. At BW Movers company have the resources to help you!

How to Get Rid of Your Large Bulk Items

Everyone has large items in the home that they are no long in need of. Whether they are still in good condition, or if they are broken and damaged there are many ways in which to dispose of your large bulky items.

  • Do a cleanout and have a garage sale to try and sell unwanted items that are still in a decent condition. You can even donate them to people who may need it.
  • Throw away your bulk waste.
  • Make use of a junk and debris removal company after you have done any construction.
  • Try to think of ways in which to recycle bulk household items.

Yard Debris Removal Services

(we no longer offer this service)

Most people take absolute pride in their gardens and landscaping which means mowing the lawn, pruning down shrubs and trees and trimming of flowers and beds. After this has been done, however, there is a need to remove the yard waste from your property.

While municipal dustbins may be perfect to manage smaller loads, if you have a large property with a lot of yard waste you are going to need much more than this.  If you are thinking of doing a large landscaping project on your home or business, then yard waste removal services are definitely a service that needs to be considered.

Why Shouldn’t  I Put Yard Wastes into Landfills?

Yard waste materials are normally clean and biodegradable which means that filling up a landfill with this waste can be very unnecessary as well as a waste of space. If you decide to burn the yard debris, you are setting yourself up for a potential uncontrolled fire as well as air pollution.

Yard Waste Disposal Options

There are a few ways in which to deal with yard waste removal:

  • Rent a dumpster
  • See if your municipality offers yard waste removal services.
  • Hire a Junk and debris removal hauling service.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Debris?

Alright so on average, the price of hauling away junk and debris such as construction materials and yard waste can vary anywhere from R800 to R12 000 obviously depending on the amount of waste that needs to be hauled away from your property.

It is good practice to clean out your house at the same time and use this service for everything in one haul.

How Do Debris Removal Companies Quote?

There are normally two ways in which to obtain a quote on the debris and junk that needs to be removed from your premises. These include:

On Site Pricing

This is most often the most accurate way for the debris removal company to quote you as they are able to have look at the waste that needs to be disposed of before delivering a quote. When the disposal company is on site, they can give you an immediate and accurate price for debris and construction removal jobs by assessing the junk that needs to be hauled.

Online Estimate Pricing

If you decide to go the online route the price of your debris and junk removal is usually based on an estimate. Sizes of large items can often affect your quote. If, however, this is a more convenient option for you, and you are open to variables in prices then you are able to get your quote online. Remember that the online estimator will provide you with an estimate only.

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Debris Removal Service (we no longer offer this) 7

What is Debris Removal Coverage?

Debris removal insurance is often an extension on some insurance policies. This insurance provides you with coverage for property that has been damaged by debris or construction materials.

In other words debris removal insurance can form part of a property insurance policy that offers reimbursement for debris removal costs that are associated with any damage to your property.

Remember that these insurance companies usually only cover debris removal that has been caused by an insured part of the house that has been destrpyed and will probably not cover debris removal that has been caused by construction.

How Debris Removal Insurance Works?

Debris removal insurance policies usually have a cap on the amount that they are going to reimburse their policy holders.

Some policies do have debris removal as a standard provision but you may need to purchase additional coverage that will also cover hauling services that can be used to remove hazardous materials that may cause damage to the property.

Debris removal services are a must have to add to your insurance cover if you are going to be renovating or if you have a big garden to contend with.

From garage cleanouts to furniture removal,  junk and trash removal and debris from a major construction site, BW Movers handles jobs of all shapes and sizes.

When you choose BW Movers debris removal company, you can expect friendly service from real professionals. Our goal is to make your life easier with our fast and dependable junk and debris hauling services.

Our professional and friendly team will come to your premises and load all your debris and unwanted items so that you no longer need to worry about it.

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Debris Removal Service (we no longer offer this) 8

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