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B&W MOVERS are one of the top moving companies in south africa

B&W Movers

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Give us a call today and our experienced team of movers will be able to help you get moved, no matter your needs. We know the best methods for getting furniture upstairs, down hallways, or through tight spaces; we’ll make sure everything is packed securely before it’s loaded into the truck so that there are minimal chances of damage during transit. You’re busy enough without having to worry about moving day!

Trust these expert movers with all your home moves – from packing boxes in preparation to unpacking once they’ve done their job on arrival at their destination – because while not as complicated as some might think (even if fitting pieces together like puzzle), this process does require knowledge and finesse which can only come with experience.

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Our B&W Movers moving trucks are equipped with the latest in technology for your move; from soft and safe pads, to stretch wrap that is guaranteed not to damage anything during transportation. We provide protection on every level: our technicians pad all of your belongings while they transport them using hardwood floor runners which absorb any vibration so as not to risk damaging furniture or fragile items like mirrors and picture frames. Our movers also cover banisters and railings with guards – both carpeted shields that will stop itchy fibers from sticking onto surfaces (keeping upholstery looking clean) but more importantly door jambs which protect against scratches caused by doorknobs being swung open too fast when carried out-of-doors! Lastly, we always use mattress covers.

At B&W Movers, we offer a full range of service options to meet your needs. Our professionally trained move teams are background checked and drug-screened for the utmost peace of mind that your items will be safe throughout the entire moving process as they’re handled by our trusted employees with years in experience! With us, all you’ll need is just some cardboard boxes from home to store away all those memories into one place seamlessly while on-the-go – no more worrying about hiring extra help or renting an expensive truck because it’s already included!

Worried about the cost of your move? We’re here to help! B&W Movers’ customer service representatives are available any time, day or night, for you. Call us and we’ll walk through a few options that will keep costs down while still giving you our great moving services every step of the way.

B&W Movers is committed to providing excellent customer service no matter what time it may be- call today if there’s anything on your mind regarding an upcoming move with us!