Tips to make your big move a breeze.

Did you know that aside from death, divorce, job loss and major illness moving is one of the top five most stressful life events!   Studies have repeatedly reported that moving is one of the most significant events that can occur in the average person’s life due to the amount of small details that are involved when it comes to moving into a new home. It can be exhausting having to deal with magnitudes of complicated paperwork while at the same time packing all your belongings into boxes and having to physically move them from one place to another.

Reduce the Stress: Pre-Moving Day Tips

  • Make a checklist

Make yourself a checklist and include a timeline.  Write down your estimated moving budget into this timeline.  A timeline will assist you to visually organize your move and will give you a greater feeling of control by knowing when certain events are going to unfold.

  • Notify people

There are quite a few things that need to be done before the big move.  Make a list of all the loose ends that you are going to need to tie up before you move.  Municipalities creditors and neighbors should be notified to the fact that you are moving and will no longer living be on the premises.

  • Decide whether or not to hire a moving company

Professional movers companies are well worth including into your budget, especially of you don’t have friends or family that can help you to move.  Movers take an enormous amount of work off your agenda and help to alleviate some of the stresses of moving.  If you hire a good moving company it should be a pleasant experience that makes your move memorable instead of miserable. Don’t be afraid to ask the moving company questions before hiring them so as to give you peace of mind as your moving day approaches.

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  • The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company
  • Moving companies have prior experience in long moves
  • A moving company can help ease your mind
  • Hiring movers can save you money in the long run
  • Moving companies ensure safety when it comes to lifting heavy furniture
  • You will gain piece of mind knowing that your belongings are protected
  • There is no need for you to make multiple trips


Packing Tips


It is vital to get rid of anything that you no longer need.  Remember that if you have not used it in six or more months the chances are that you are not going to need it again. Decluttering will enable you to lighten your workload as well as your stress levels.  You can also donate your items to the less fortunate.  Take measurements of your new home and if your current furniture is not going to fit then either sell it or give it away.

Use good quality moving boxes

Rather than get boxes form your local grocery store opt for proper higher quality moving boxes. At the end of the day they are a lot more durable and are worth the extra cost. Regular grocery boxes can be susceptible to moisture and wear and tear and could easily fall apart during your move.  This is an added stress that you do not need.

Pack a little bit every day

Don’t stay up until all hours of the night trying to get everything done in one go.  Break down your packaging into steps so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed and stressed. Try to tackle one room at a time and spend an hour or two every day packing a few boxes.  Start packing up the room that you use the least and move on from there.

Pack an essentials box

Remember to pack an essentials box.  Once you have moved into your new home you are more than likely going to be exhausted and will not want to unpack clothes or sift through boxes to find items that you need urgently. Pack items such as overnight clothes, a cooler box with some food and drink, chargers, medications and grooming items into this box and make sure that it is clearly labelled.

Label or colour each box

Try to label your boxes using different colour labels that indicate which box is meant for which room.  Write the content of each box on the label. A good idea would be to allocate a colour to each of the rooms in your new house and label the box in this same colour.  This will help you or your moving company to know which boxes must go into which room.  Use coloured tape to mark the entrances of the rooms in your new home.


Do not pack too much in each box

Don’t try and cram everything into one box. It is advisable to rather use as many boxes are you need in order for them to be easier to lift.  Boxes with a weight of over 25kg can be too much for just one person to carry and can also run the risk of falling apart during transit due to the heavy weight that they are holding.

Breakable and fragile items

When it comes to fragile items make use of plenty of bunched-up paper or padding. Spend time packing these items neatly and correctly so as to avoid any breakages. The time spent packing these items correctly can save you the unneeded stress in the long run.  Pack everyday dishes, Tupperware and silverware separately and then use bubble wrap or newspaper for your more fragile items. Crystal, china and ceramics need to have a lot of padding around them and should ideally be packed into smaller boxes and labelled as fragile. Keep all toiletries and liquids separate from dry items and use plastic wrap as an additional seal so that these items do not leak all over your other belongings.

Furniture parts and accessories

When it comes to larger items such as furniture take the time to remove or secure all drawers and doors before your move.  Pay attention to labelling loose cables and other parts of furniture that you have removed so that it is easier for you to put back together again. Put all screws and bolts into plastic bags and use some tape and attach them to the furniture that they belong to.  Electronics should be labelled, or even photographed so that you are able to remember their configurations once you have arrived at your destination.

What not to pack with general household belongings

There are some items that need to be transported separately during the moving process. These items can include:

  • Tools, painting equipment and cleaning chemicals
  • Medications
  • Ammonia and chlorine
  • Batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Heating agents

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