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We can help you move out of your four-bedroom home in Heidelberg to your new two-bedroom low-cost apartment. No matter where you need to go, our efficient team will get the job done quickly and with care for all your belongings. That’s right, we aren’t just party planners. We also offer quality professional movers who understand that moving is no easy task! Whether it be domestic or international relocation, B&W Movers will do what it takes to make sure each item arrives safely without any hiccups along the way. If transferring between states isn’t enough strife – maybe there are some heavy objects in your house too? Just let us know and we’ll come equipped with dollies and straps.


36 min (51,8 km) via N3

36 min (54,4 km) via Francois Oberholzer Fwy and N3

49 min (64,5 km) via Sybrand Van Niekerk Fwy/R59 and R550


Heinrich Julius Ueckermann was a German who came to South Africa in 1862 and built Heidelberg as a trading station. A town quickly developed around the store he founded for his company’s goods, and it became known by Heinrich’s alma mater name of “Heidelberg.” In 1866, an area with its own landdrost (magistrate) laid out as a church place had been established from Potchefstroom District called “District of Heidelberg,” named after Heinrich von Hohenheim also known by his Latinized name: Paracelsus-a famous 16th-century physician/alchemist/scientist. Some 50 kilometers southeast is Johannesburg on the border. Heidelberg is a small, scenic town that sits at the top of South Africa. Nestled in an area called Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and sitting almost 2,000 meters above sea level Heidelberg plays host to Gauteng’s highest point. In 1969 it played its part as capital for Boer republic during the war with Great Britain but now hosts one of South Africa’s most important coal mines where the 100th anniversary Susan locomotive was built in 1919!

The Witwatersrand gold reef was discovered in the Heidelberg district and it became a very important site for mining. In 1885, they built an office of the Mining Commissioner there to assist with all that needed doing. As time passed, more buildings were constructed including many from 1890-1910 which have been preserved as historical landmarks today like A.G Visser’s bust outside his home (only open by appointment). The town is also known for its small church called Klipkerk where A G Visser played piano during services when he wasn’t visiting patients at their homes or on farms around South Africa. A concentration camp was built by the British during the Second Boer War to house women and children. A monument honoring these people has been erected in a cemetery, with South Africa’s current governing party placing their own memorial also there for black victims of war.

Heidelberg is a city that many famous South Africans have called home. Emma Renzi, Protea bowler Fanie de Villiers, religious leader Justice Tsungu, actors George Ballot and Zach du Plessis all lived here at some point in their lives. Heidelberg also has an annual “Varkfees” festival with singers from around the country performing on stage during this event!


In the town of Heidelberg, Godfrey Mokoena was born in 1985. In 2008 he won a silver medal for his country at The Olympics and it is clear that this athlete has no intention to stop as evidenced by his recent victory in breaking one world record after another.

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