Tips on Moving with Seniors Children and Pets

Moving day can be extremely stressful, even more so on elderly people, children and pets.  Senior citizens, children and pets can be extremely sensitive to the processes that are undertaken before and during your intended moving date.  The question is, are there ways in which to prepare your precious family member when moving home?

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which to make the moving process smoother for all involved.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways in which to make moving home a lot more bearable for all who are involved.

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Moving with Seniors

Many seniors children are very set in their ways and moving home can shake them to their very core.  Here are a few ways in which to make the moving process easier on them as well as yourself.

Plan in Advance

Elderly people like to have a visualization as to what they are moving into. The like to know what rooms need to be furnished as well as the size of the new home. Plot the floor plan of your loved one’s new home on paper and even cut out pieces so as to represent furniture.

Get Rid of Rubbish

Try to look through all household items with your loved one. There is going to be a lot of items that can be sold, donated or thrown out. Remember, however, to tread lightly and understand that there are many items that are going to be very important to your elderly loved one. Allow them to sit with you and reminisce while you help them to sort through their possessions.

Get Other Relatives to Assist

Moving is undoubtedly a big job, so try to enlist the help from other family members. It is a good idea to let children and younger members of the family participate as well. Surrounding a senior citizen with loved ones who are supportive and encouraging can go a long was in helping to ease the emotional stress of moving.

Organize Movers

Let’s face it, senior citizens are not going to want to drive for hours to reach their new destination.  If you have made the decision to move everything yourself then it may be worth considering arranging for your senior loved one to fly to their destination.

There are various different strategies for moving your senior loved one into their new home but normally in this situation a full-service moving company is the easiest way to go.

Moving with children

Moving with Children

Moving is a lot less complicated for children than it is for grownups, but it is equally, if not more stressful. Many children tend to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods and develop relationships with neighbors and other children that they may know in school. It is important to use the following guidelines when supporting your children during a move.

Prepare Your Children

Make sure that you tell your children about the move before they hear about it from an older family member. This is very important to your children and will make them feel more involved in the process and not like they are being forced to do something that they don’t want to do.

Get Them Excited

Emphasize all the wonderful things that the move is going to bring. Tell them a bit about their new school, their new home, the weather that they can expect and the new landscapes that they will be seeing.  Try to focus on any desirable features in the town that you will be moving to as well as any fun attractions that your children would enjoy.

Avoid Throwing Away Your Childs Favorite Items

Children have many items that can easily be thrown away while you are helping them to pack up their rooms. Try to be as lenient as you can, no matter hard it may be.  It is important for children to have something to hold on to. So while it may pain you, take care to leave items that they love out and visible.

Give Them Information

It is critical to give your children as much information about the move as possible.  It is important for them to envision their new lives as much as possible.  Talk to your children about the following:

  • Their new address
  • The name of their school
  • The reason why you are moving
  • Where you and your spouse will be working

Keeping your children in the loop can make all the difference to the way in which they react to moving home.  Another advantage to this is to give them good safety information ahead of the move.

Positivity Breeds Positivity

Many children tend to take a similar attitude to the relocation that their parents do. If you’re happy and upbeat, they will generally follow suit.

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Moving with Pets


Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can be hard on your family as well as your animals. 

Animals can suffer from separation anxiety, especially after moving to a new home

Believe it or not your animals may be more attached to their home than you realize. This can lead to stress and fear when the time comes to move to a new house.  Here is what you can do to make the move a bit easier on your beloved animals.

Find a Safe Place or A Pet Sitter

To avoid unnecessary emotions in you pet try to keep the path clear for your removal company. It may be a good idea to arrange for one room in the house that is away from all the activity to be used as a temporary pet room.

Make sure that the room has some toys, food, water and litter trays so that your pet can remain as calm and comfortable as possible during the moving process from your old home.

The same would apply once you have arrived at your new home. Find a place that is comfortable for your pets to sit comfortably while you move in. Try to leave them with some familiar items to play with and check on them on a regular basis to make sure that they are not distressed.

If you have a family member that you are able to send your pet to on the day of the move this would then eliminate them from the chaos altogether.

Stick to Routine

Much like with children, when moving to a new house with pets it’s always best to try and keep to their normal routines as best as you can. Try to take them for their regular walks and keep feeding to schedule wherever possible. This helps to maintain stability for you pet as well as avoid too much confusion.

Advise Your Movers

If you are transporting exotic animals such as tropical fish, reptiles or amphibians, then speak to your pet or animal removal company about this beforehand. They may need to obtain special equipment, materials or skills in order to pack your pet’s belongings.

BW movers are committed to give you the best moving experience at affordable prices.  We understand what stresses moving can put on the entire family and endeavor to make your moving experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

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