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Moving WIth BW Movers

What you need to know about moving

By BW Movers

What locations are you able to service?

B&W Movers is based all over South Africa. We are one of Johannesburg’s most sought-after moving companies and we service Eikenhof. We are also available to hire in Gauteng and Randvaal, Alberton. We also service major cities from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Call our office to find out more. We’ll quickly let your know if we are the right company for you.

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What should I expect when I move?

We will arrive prepared to pack all your belongings when moving day arrives. All furniture and box packaging is protected by protective wrapping. We will not damage your belongings. You can feel relaxed knowing that you are receiving excellent service.

If you have completed your box packing, we will start furniture removal. We can help you move home, office, or storage.

We are a professional moving company that will make sure the entire process is smooth and easy, regardless of what you need to pack or box up. For more information, please speak with one of our movers consultants.

What are some of the special considerations I should make?

There are many moving parts involved in office removals and house moves. It’s best to give your pets and children to family members for a brief period if you have them. Children who have to move heavy furniture can be injured and may experience more stress when they are unloading and packing.

Also, you should consider where the truck will be parked. Nobody wants to have to walk farther than necessary. It’s a good idea to arrange with your landlord or neighbors for the truck to park as close to the entrance as possible. This will save you a lot of time, and it will also make things easier.

Plan for what’s going to happen the other way. How will you get there? Who will meet the moving driver? More. You will need storage services to store your property for a brief period if you are moving between properties.

Let the moving company be aware.

Furniture Removals


Why should I hire a mover?

Moving office, furniture, or home can be stressful. Many items need to be packed and organized. A moving company that has the experience and expertise to simplify the entire process is essential.

B&W Movers is a Johannesburg moving company that has a long history of success in furniture removals. We will pack your belongings carefully, make sure they are safe and secure, and transport them to the destination promptly and efficiently. Even the unloading is done at the other end.

It’s easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Hiring a professional moving company will take the stress out of moving.