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Bibi Burness is CEO of the BW Productions group. which consists of B&W Movers, Protective hygiene, Burnesseo, B&W productions and B&W Build.


Moving Home: Tips on Packaging Materials and Boxes

Moving Home: Tips on Packaging Materials and Boxes When it is time to move home, many people tend to forget about what materials and boxes they are going to need to transport their items from one place to another. Packaging Used to Transport Fragile Items When packaging your fragile items, it is important to make sure that you have enough cushioning material to surround the contents of the box.

cost to move?

How Much Does It Cost to Move?

You have decided to take the plunge and move from your current home to another. Prices can vary depending on which floor you are moving out of or into and it is important to furnish your bw movers moving company with all the details that they need so as to assist you with the correct quotation.

Tips to make your big move a breeze.

Did you know that aside from death, divorce, job loss and major illness moving is one of the top five most stressful life events!   Studies have repeatedly reported that moving is one of the most significant events that can occur in the average person’s life due to the amount of small details that are involved when it comes to moving into a new home. It can be exhausting having to deal with magnitudes of complicated paperwork while at the same time packing all your belongings into boxes and having to physically move them from one place to another.

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Plan a (Relatively) Stressless House Move

Whether your last move was across the country or across the street, it probably ended with two words: “Never again!” Just be aware of hidden costs, such as insurance for the rental truck (your auto policy probably doesn’t cover this, and neither will the credit card you rent the truck with), gas, and the rental or purchase of special equipment you’ll need, like dollies and quilted furniture covers.