7 Interesting Things about Moving On Gauteng 

Moving on to a new place and not knowing enough about it – a chancy chance, right? Trust us, if you are not shifting to a new city/country because of that, you are missing out on so much fun.

Gauteng is a South African Province that is superpopulated. Likewise, all the famous cities & towns of South Africa are present in this province – Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, and Soweto. If you plan on moving to Gauteng in the future – hold on & read out this blog post to explore some spectacular things about this province.

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Gauteng is the core of the South African Business world. It comprises all the well-developed cities and towns like Johannesburg. The largest financial companies and other major industries are present in this province. So, if you are moving to Gauteng to raise & grow your business, you do not need to think twice about moving. Get a quote from our moving company and shift to your dream city.

However, to give you an estimate, these are some of the most successful businesses in Gauteng. This listicle includes financial services, tech companies, Mining & manufacturing industry, and tourism-related business.

Tourism & Socialization

Gauteng is one of the most vibrant places in South Africa. It has cultural diversity, natural beauty, and a lot of historical & tourist places. Therefore, this province has a rich social life, and if you are moving to Gauteng, likely, you will never get bored here.

Overall, this South African province has lively cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria. Their nightlife is known for its liveliness. These cities have many bars, nightclubs, and other such attractions. Other than that, Gauteng has a social significance due to its rich cultural diversity, festivals, community organizations, and for recreational activities.

Some festivities people enjoy in Gauteng are the Soweto Wine Festival, Rand show, Joburg Carnival, Jacaranda Festival, and Turbine art fair. Besides, the most popular touristic attractions in Gauteng – include the Cradle of Humankind, Voortrekker Monument, Gold Reef City, Apartheid Museum, Lion Park, and Soweto Township.

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Transportation System

Being the most populous province in South Africa – Gauteng has a highly modernized & developed public transportation system. Most people prefer using this system because of its efficiency and fastness. In addition, people also use personal cars and vice versa.

Though the cities of this province may look super crowded & congested when it comes to the public transportation system, however – in recent years, they have developed & raised this system to the next successful level.

Some of the most common means of public transportation used in Gauteng include trains, buses, minibus & private taxis, and Uber Services. However, the two most used trains are known as Gautrain and Metrorail. Furthermore, two famous bus companies in this province are the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System (Johannesburg) and the A Re Yeng Bus Rapid Transit System (Pretoria).


Gauteng is home to a culturally diverse population. People belonging to all ethnicities & linguistic groups live in this part of South Africa, for example, Zulu, Afrikaans, Sotho, and English-speaking communities. This province has a controversial history related to apartheid & social segregation.

Amidst the past, now South African people believe more in humanity & equality. And taking this vision to another level, they have been synchronizing with the government to create an even & stable community for every human living there.

However, some of the cultural highlights you may find interesting about this province include its traditional music, cultural dances, delicious cuisine, contemporary artwork, and national festivals such as the Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival and the Pretoria National Cultural Festival. So, if you are finding a moving company to shift into the vibrant neighborhood of Gauteng, contact us, and we will help you through this process until you become satisfied and content.

Lifestyle & Healthcare

Summing up the above discussion, Gauteng is one of the best places to live in South Africa. Like many other provinces, it got blessed with a world heritage importance, a suitable climate, billion dollar business industry, a progressive healthcare system, and a modern infrastructure.

In Gauteng, a public plus private healthcare system is available. Although, the public healthcare system faces plenty of challenges due to the large population and lack of new technological instruments. But gradually, they are making changes to make it more approachable & refined for everyone regardless of their paying capability.

So, the mode of living in any city of the Gauteng Province is highly modernized & developed. If you plan on moving to Gauteng soon, contact BW Movers. We take pride in serving our customers until they are wholly satisfied. We provide all kinds of removal services and also offer long-distance moving.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Gauteng, South Africa?

We know that comfort is subjective to everyone’s preferences and way of living. However, if you are moving to Gauteng, you must keep a check & estimate the living cost because this province has a highly developed lifestyle, and you may need to spend a large sum of money to live here.

In addition, the cost of living varies among people & communities because of many factors. These include Food choices, transportation expenses, entertainment costs, and the type of accommodation.

However, the average cost for a comfortable life in Gauteng may cost 400 – 800 USD (15000 Rand) per person. And this price gets raised when you combine the costs for your family members and other miscellaneous expenses.

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How Can I Make My Move in Gauteng Easier?

Looking to make your move in Gauteng easier? Here are some valuable tips for a smooth big move. Start by decluttering and organizing your belongings. Hire professional movers to ensure a stress-free experience. Label your boxes properly and create a moving checklist for easy tracking. Prioritize packing essentials and create a survival kit for immediate use. Lastly, make sure to notify relevant parties about your address change.

What are Some Tips for a Stress-Free House Move in Gauteng?

Moving to a new house can be overwhelming, but with a plan stressless house move, it becomes a breeze. Firstly, declutter your belongings and organize them into four categories – keep, donate, sell, or dispose of. Next, create a detailed timeline and checklist to stay organized. Hire professional movers to handle heavy lifting and transportation. Lastly, take breaks and practice self-care throughout the process.

To Conclude:

Thus, Gauteng is the perfect place to move on with life if you enjoy the vibrant nightlife and the highly developed city infrastructure. This province has so much potential for businesses of every kind. Plus, it has a beautiful geographical location. So, if you fit all these characteristics in one imaginary box, this province seems ideal for living.

Furthermore, if you want assistance with moving, hire us for your upcoming move and get the best removal services in South Africa. 

Thank you for reading, and we will be looking forward to your comments.


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